Last Chance: You Need a Budget Sale Ends July 22


Just a quick note for your weekend. If you've read our You Need a Budget review and are on the fence about making the investment in the application, maybe a great summer deal is just what you need. They have a sale going on right now that ends July 22 (Monday). YNAB sale:  $60 $39.99. You'll get an additional $6 off (making the total $33.99) by using our affiliate link (and we'll get a little bit of money, too). Win-win, if you're in the market for a new way to budget.

Click Here for the Best Deal.

Of course, we offer a free budget spreadsheet as well, if you'd rather, but just wanted to make sure you knew about the sale in case you missed our post earlier this week. No pressure! But here is a recap of the benefits that we've been enjoying since using YNAB:

  • Automatic cloud sync on multiple computers and mobile devices
  • Add transactions easily on the iPhone before you leave the checkout line
  • Built in reports for easy viewing
  • Powerful search tool when you need it
  • Splitting transactions when you pay for something at one store from multiple budget categories

P.S. The team at YNAB hooked me up with some swag for posting the review. They are super awesome for so many reasons. Just a great company! Here's a selfie of me in my new shirt. (Kinda makes me feel like a budgeting super-hero.)

YNAB t shirt