Book Review: Inciting Incidents

"I join the contributing authors in believing that every time your faith clashes with the reality of our broken planet, it can become an inciting incident. And I hope and pray with them that something in their stories to come will help you allow these incidents to incite good in your life, to propel the plot of your life forward to greatness." --Sarah Cunningham, introduction to Inciting Incidents

Inciting Incidents Book

I was asked by the folks at Moody Publishers to review an advance copy of the recently released book Inciting Incidents. It's a book of six stories of creatives pulled together to illustrate how turning points in each person's life can reflect God's glory in the way He intended.

Here's a "scratch-the-surface" look at the authors and the stories they tell in captivating ways (from the introduction of the book):
  • You may relate to the eye-opening day when popular writing blogger Jeff Goins began noticing people in need who had previously been invisible.
  • You may want to search for the gift worship leader and songwriter Mandy Thompson found in her battle with depression.
  • You may have moments where you are seized by panic like creative director and actor Blaine Hogan.
  • You may fight a constant pressure to perform like the innovative pastor David Hickman.
  • You may have unresolved wounds from past family issues that still inform your life like counselor and blogger Tracee Persiko.
  • You may be determined to turn your tragedy into a good story like creative consultant David Wenzel.

Every good story comes in contact with an epic struggle, right? Without the struggle it wouldn't be as good of a story. It's great to think about this in terms of other people's stories, but what about your story? In what way has your faith been tested, tried and beaten up to the point that it became in inciting incident in your life?

Inciting Incidents

These are the questions I was left asking myself after reading the book. Not only do you get to hear stories of great struggles, but you get to see God's beauty in what comes out of those struggles.

I love this book because it's about real people with real struggles that inspire me to live a better story. It's comforting to know that these people who seem to have it all together, don't. And at one point were in the midst of a great storm that only God could bring them out of.

Inciting Incidents

 If you are looking for a book with true grit and inspiration, Inciting Incidents is for you. You can buy it on Amazon.

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