Getting Married Means...

Eric and Kelsey in Minneapolis

photo by Joa Jean let your husband eat the last bite of your ice cream. and you don't even complain about it.

...your wife lays her head in your lap and you pluck her eyebrows because she asks you to. sit next to him and watch football games even though you don't care an ounce about the game. (it's best when you lay across his lap and he plays with your hair.) learn to adjust your wife's bra straps because she can't reach them. let him stick his freezing cold feet between yours in bed. because you know you're going to do the same thing to him the next night. let your wife drive the nice vehicle while you drive the hand-me-down car. become a pro at using clippers to trim back hair. now if he would just let me get close to his eyebrows with a tweezer... share the closet. even if it means your wife takes up 4/5ths of it.