A Few of My Favorite Things


Happy Friday! Here are a few things I've been loving lately.

  • FOR THE HOME. These pillows are a must if you sleep on your back or side. Eric and I each have one. (I used to sleep on my stomach, but haven't been able to go back since my pregnancy.)
  • FOR THE OFFICE. I'm not sure how pens disappear so quickly, but we recently got a box of these, so we should be set for a while! (They write like a dream!)
  • FOR PRODUCTIVITY. If you still email documents to yourself: STOP. We use Dropbox for file sharing between our computers almost daily, and on our iPhones. It's an easy way to share photos of Rooney with our family, too. Pure genius.
  • FOR PHOTO EDITING. If you loved Picnik, PicMonkey is even better! I choose it over Photoshop, most of the time! It's how I put words on the image for this post.
  • FOR YOUR iPHONE. The VSCO cam app is my new favorite way to add filters and edits to photos on my phone. I hardly ever buy apps--this one is 99 cents and worth it.

What are your favorite things lately?