Family Time: Bike Rides

Two weekends ago we actually had four days in a row that resembled something that we used to call spring. Last year it never really arrived. Midwest USA must have decided to skip spring in 2012 and go right to summer, as we experienced 80 degrees in March. Let's just say, we didn't want to waste the beautiful weather God gave us. So, we finally got our bikes out for the innagural Williams family bike ride. It was majestic! Or something close to it.

photo 3

Rooney hated the idea at first, mainly because we had to pluck her from her favorite form of transportation (the stroller) and she wasn't so sure about sitting so close to mommy's tush. But, once we got her buckled in and were able to get the pedals going, she had a ball.

And so did we. It was reminiscent of family bike rides I used to take with my family as a kid, and there was something about just getting on a bike and riding somewhere for the fun of it. It just made the world slow down for a little bit.

We explored a trail next to our house and were excited to know it led to our friends Chris and Erin's house. Then they snapped the above family picture for us to commemorate the occasion.

We took another ride on Sunday and discovered a new (to us) park with swings for little Roo to enjoy.

All this to say how thankful I am that we have discovered this new adventure we can have as a family. It's been so fun for all of us, and we look forward to many more cycling adventures.

A few places we are looking forward to visiting

  1. Wednesday evening farmer's market
  2. New grocery store (once it opens)
  3. Dunkin' Donuts (I'm looking forward to some iced coffee once the new location opens)

What kind of adventures do you enjoy with your family?