Fairytale: Innerconnection Collection, Volume 4

Volume 4 brings back some memories. It's a true culmination of all the albums we were listening to at the time of it's inception. It must have been late spring 2004 when it was created, because we have an Offering song on the CD. Offering was Garrett's band, and I was privileged to go with them on their first recording trip to Tulsa, Okla., in March 2004. My buddy Joe and I played an epic match of paper-rock-scissors to see who had the right to play the egg shaker on one of the songs. I lost. Sad face.

Innerconnection Collection, Volume 4 (most of these songs are available on iTunes and the icons are affiliate links)

      1. "As You Sleep" by Something Corporate As You Sleep - North
      2. "Crazy Mary" by FM Static Crazy Mary - What Are You Waiting For
      3. "It's Been a Summer" by New Found Glory It's Been a Summer - Sticks and Stones
      4. "I'm Lost Without You" by Blink-182 I'm Lost Without You - blink-182
      5. "Mess With Your Mind" by Everyday Sunday Mess With Your Mind - Stand Up
      6. "Blueside" by Rooney Blueside - Rooney
      7. "One Year, Six Months" by Yellowcard One Year, Six Months - Ocean Avenue
      8. "Bring Back July" by Holland Bring Back July - Photographs & Tidalwaves
      9. "The Reason" by Hoobastank The Reason - The Reason
      10. "You're So Last Summer" by Taking Back Sunday You're So Last Summer - Tell All Your Friends
      11. "Love Song" by Ish
      12. "Hey Driver" by Lucky Boys Confusion Hey Driver - Commitment
      13. "Guitar Harmony" by Offering
      14. "Anthem of Our Dying Day" by Story of the Year Anthem of Our Dying Day - Page Avenue
      15. "Poison Ivy" by Matthew Thiessen and The Earthquakes Poison Ivy (Bonus Track) - My Other Band, Vol. 1
      16. "Something Isn't Right Here" by The Juliana Theory Something Isn't Right Here - Emotion Is Dead
      17. "Away From The Sun" by 3 Doors Down Away from the Sun - Away from the Sun
      18. "***Mystery Song***" by Mystery Band
      19. "Back Home" by Yellowcard Back Home - Ocean Avenue

#18 is what it is. I can't figure it out and the only conclusion I have is that Kelsey put it on the CD. It's 1:50 seconds long and Google doesn't even know the answer! Neither does Shazam. So, it's officially named **Mystery Song** in our iTunes library.

Any suggestions for figuring out what the song is called and what band wrote it? We're all ears (pun intended).