Eric's Intentions for 2013

Last year, I didn't do so well with my "goals." I think the reason was that I had too many, they were too complicated, and I didn't have a system in place for reviewing and measuring them. They were very rigid and I didn't like it. I know goals are supposed to be specific, but they should also be fun.

I pinky swore myself this year would be different.

I've set up a reminder in iCal for 6:30 am every Monday to review my goals. My intentions are that this will give me the time I need to quickly scan and evaluate how I'm doing. An opportunity to get on track, or pat myself on the back for a job well done.

I don't think this will take longer than 15 minutes a week, but will have huge implications to me completing my intentions. I'm super pumped for 2013 and plan on sharing a little more about the process and resources I used in setting my intentions in our January newsletter.

This year we're calling them intentions instead of goals, inspired by Jess Lively. It just feels better to us. A little less formal and more room for grace.

I've intentionally left some of these vague, as I want the flexibility to lay out the baby steps needed to achieve my goals on a weekly basis, rather than plot out the year at this moment. This could prove to be genius or disastrous. We'll find out at the end of the year!

I've broken my goals out into three roles I play and also into three areas of personal growth: physical, spiritual, and mental/emotional.

2013 Intentions


  1. Make date nights fun by intentionally planning them each week, using this list for help.
  2. Learn to speak Kelsey's love language. (Re-read the book!)


  1. Learn to play kid songs on the guitar and have a sing-a-long once a week with the family (I'm planning to get this book).
  2. Say our bedtime prayer with Rooney each night.
  3. Teach Rooney to walk.


  1. Plan four manventures (manly adventures). Invite friends to go and be men - biking the High Trestle Trail, seeing an I-Cubs game, paint ball, rock climbing, etc. Ideally these would be no more than half-day events.


  1. Work out at least 3 days a week for 30 minutes or more. I plan on incorporating P90X, running, and biking to help achieve this intention.
  2. No more than 2 pops a week.


  1. DQT (Daily Quiet Time): Spend 10 minutes a day journaling my thoughts with the Lord.
  2. Finish the Parenting by Design reading plan I started in November. Then start another reading plan.


  1. Study the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Kelsey and I listened to this book in November 2011 and I went and bought it last week so I can study it more in-depth. I plan to study 1 habit per month, and read each habit during the first week each month.
  2. Read books for gain of knowledge and fun.
  3. Write down 1,000 things I am grateful for (3/day).

I'm really excited about these intentions. Some of them will require a little planning, but most of them should be a lot of fun. I also think that these types of intentions are very habitual and if I can make them into a regular routine, they should become second nature. Kelsey will share her intentions with you tomorrow!

How about you? What are your intentions in 2013?