Dropping the Fourth Nap

I got to thinking, and you know what? Rooney has not had her fourth nap for FOUR days now! (I think that means we are done with it???!) Woohoo!

(Am I the only mom in the history of the world to celebrate when their child drops a nap? But you understand, right?)

We start her bedtime routine around 5:30 now (rather than 6) so she doesn't get too tired, but I can live with that! We will continue to stretch out her waketime at the end of the day to find her new ideal bedtime, but for now we've definitely been experiencing the 5 o'clock fussies (which is totally normal).

She refused the fourth nap for two days in a row (which had never happened before), so we decided she was done with it and haven't been putting her down for it. I've read that this is not a clear indicator that she is ready to drop it (it could be a sign of teething? which I think she is?) and that the baby should refuse the nap for a full week before you drop it. BUT she hasn't shown us sleep signs at that time lately, so we dropped it cold turkey.

At this rate, maybe we'll drop the third nap by 9 months - something most babies do around 6 months. (Don't worry, I won't rush her. But I am so excited to see those big brown eyes a little more often.)


P.S. I got a question recently if I'm on Instagram - and I am! You can find me and kelseywilliams, and Eric is wordsofwilliams.

P.P.S. The photo is unrelated to this post, but tomorrow is the big Iowa vs. Iowa State game! We cheer for different teams, but we're still a house united!