Decorating the Pallet Wall

IMG_4880 IMG_4853 IMG_4848 IMG_4850 IMG_4866 Some of you have been asking if we still like our pallet wall (see how we did it here) and how we've decorated it. It's taken us quite a few months, but we finally have added some things! (If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few sneak peeks.) I have to say it has been a little tough to decorate! I knew we needed a headboard because the pallets were leaving little wood shavings on our pillows...which wasn't awesome. :) As a reminder, here is what it looked like before: Pallet Wall6 It's gorgeous but is just begging to be decorated. (The bed is a king to give you some perspective on how big of a wall this is!) At first we thought about making a white antler wreath out of shed antlers that I saw on Pinterest (here). I don't think it would cost too much, but it would take a bit of work. But then I saw this awesome idea and we decided to go that route since we already had the arrows! Here's a closer shot from the foot of our bed to make it easier to see what we've got going on (sorry for the grainy iPhone pic): photo 2 (2)


  • The five white arrows are from Fletcher and Fox on Etsy (I also have these in our living room and want these - they are fun to decorate with and we get lots of comments). Both purchases were made with a coupon code.

  • The white headboard is from Target (we got it on sale and 5% off using our Target REDcard, so it was a good deal). (If we didn't have a pallet wall, I would have gotten this one. It's a bit fancier and reminds me of my nana. I love it!)

  • Our sheets are from West Elm. (I think I also used a coupon code on those).

  • The sconces (back in stock!) and lamp cords are also from West Elm (bought on sale).

  • The Edison Style light bulbs are from Lowes.

  • The hanging planter is by Woolly Pocket (first seen on Fab) with pothos (the only plant we don't seem to kill).

  • The beautiful silver wire with our names is from Lila Frances on Etsy.


Still to Do

  • New comforter (we're thinking gray?)
  • Paint the other walls in the room white (or slightly off-white), including all the other walls in our house
  • New bedside tables We are at a place where we really want to invest in our house. We'd love to finish our basement in the next year and redecorate a few rooms. Anyone have an extra $7,500 laying around that we could have? :)