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Based on my last post, you now know that I love coffee. And by love, I mean that it's a vice of mine. And while I try to keep my coffee budget in check, there is still this little scientist inside of me that wants to experiment to find the best way to make a cup of coffee at home. Most days I'm content waking up to some Dunkin' Original blend (easy peasy and cheap when you buy in bulk from Costco). But, then I'm also left wondering what else is out there?

I've entertained the thought of giving bulletproof coffee a try, but the price tag for the coffee alone has kept that experiment at bay for awhile. I've never ventured beyond a Keurig, or your standard automatic coffee maker, so thoughts of mastering a fresh press, or chemex seem to be a hurdle for me.

Regardless, I've still wanted to try grinding my own beans to see if it makes for a better cup of joe in the morning.

Which is why I was excited when UncommonGoods reached out to see if we wanted to pick something out from their website. Free stuff is always great, but I was super stoked when I saw this Steampunk Coffee Mill and fell in love with the old school hand-crafted look of it. Not to mention it would grind coffee beans!

Uncommon Goods
Uncommon Goods

To conclude the experiment, I'll state that freshly ground coffee does in fact taste better than standard coffee grounds. Plus, I get a little workout grinding up my own beans every morning. It's kind of therapeutic....

If you're not into grinding your own beans, but looking for some sweet gifts for yourself or others for the upcoming holiday season, check out Uncommon Goods.

Bonus: Kelsey is running a giveaway on Snappy Casual that ends today, and she's hand-picked 11 things you might like. (Plus see some photos of Rooney using her construction plate!)

Although... Kelsey's picks are kind of... how do I say... girly... so, if you are a dude, or looking for a gift for a dude, check out these selections:

What would you pick out for yourself or for someone else from Uncommon Goods?

Thanks to Tom from Uncommon Goods for letting all three of us pick out something for ourselves in exchange for sharing their website with you.