A Car Seat Conundrum

Can you help us choose a new car seat for Rooney? She will be outgrowing her infant carrier soon (it's already a beast to lift!) and I'd love your opinion on what to get next.

We have a Graco carrier now. I chose it because of the Pagoda pattern (dumb reason). Looking back, I wish we'd gotten a Chicco. I think they're more expensive, but I've heard great things, the handle is actually filled in instead of hollow on the back, and they seem deeper? Which for some reason I think would be better.


I've also heard amazing things about the Britax convertible car seats. Thing is...they're expensive. Like up to $380!

Graco's are more around $180. I'd love to spend less than $200, but you could convince me to spend more. I'd love to know specifically which seat(s) you have and love! We won't have to move it from car to car, so installation doesn't matter too much to me.

Which are more comfortable for the kids? Neck support? Durable? Easy to clean?


Does it matter how much I spend on my next car seat? I need to know!

BabyKelsey Williams40 Comments