Our 2009 Christmas Card

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! We're traveling tomorrow and get to spend the next six days with our families (and two very special friends from Charleston, SC we don't get to see very often--and their new baby!).

We actually have 11 days off work, so we'll also get to spend five days at home preparing for baby and enjoying uninterrupted time together (i.e., a marathon of Harry Potter movies). Also on the agenda is our annual family meeting, finalizing our baby registry, making a before-baby-comes to-do list, painting a canvas for her nursery, shopping, reading, touring a day care and assembling her nursery. Whew!

This card was designed and printed by Minted, which is my favorite site to print our cards. Their designs are great, you get to customize a lot of stuff, and a real graphic designer looks it over at the end to make sure everything looks good. Click here to create a Minted account and get $25 off your first order of $30 or more (if you do, we'll also get $25 to put toward our next order, which I'm sure will be baby announcements!).