Bringing Home a Baby

It's starting to sink in that we're going to have a baby.

(I know it's been five months since we found out, but I'm still in shock.)

A baby. A sweet little baby girl who we'll meet in the hospital and fall in love with...and we'll take our first family photo and soak up her smell and stare at her face and give her a name...and eventually we'll bring her home and learn how to be parents and we'll have good days and bad days.

We'll sleep less than we used to, but our hearts will be full.

I can't imagine how I will forever be changed as a overwhelming and worrisome it might be to be responsible for someone else's life. And how I will need to plan ahead so that we make it places on time...and so that nobody forgets to eat or take a shower. But I'm sure it will fulfilling and wonderful at the same time. My heart just might burst.

Oh baby girl, we love you so much already.

P.S. We've talked about how we plan to keep our marriage a priority after she comes. We want a marriage-centered family rather than a child-centered family. But we will love our daughter so much that I can't even comprehend it when I think about it.

We've already got our first babysitter (my sister) lined up for June 15 (Eric is in a wedding). I think I can spend a few hours away from her after three months, right?