Blog Tip #5: Love It or Leave It


Here's my last blog tip, and perhaps it's the most important one of all:

Love it or leave it.

Honestly, if you don't love blogging, stop. Stop right now. Because if you're doing it because you think it's cool, or only to make money, it will never be worth it (or, likely, successful). And that is coming from a girl who has made very little money blogging after two years of posting five days a week.

Thankfully, that is not why I do it.

The bloggers who are making an income from blogging have been persistent with it for years, and they keep at it because deep down they truly love it.

There are so many successful bloggers who describe their journey with something like this: "I started this blog to keep in touch with my family, and somehow over time our readership has grown and grown." Do you get that? They started their blog with a voice much like they'd speak to their friends, and it has grown because people liked it and shared it with others. It happened very organically.

Blogging for profit didn't used to be a thing, so bloggers started their blogs as a hobby, because they enjoyed the act of blogging.

My favorite blogs:

Are you not sure if you love blogging? Then keep at it, if you can, and I think over time it will become clear. There have been times I've wondered if I truly love it or not. But then I imagine deleting my blog, and know how much that would hurt, and I would have to start a new one because I missed it so much.

I've found it's easier to love it if you can verbalize your objective (What do you hope to get out of it? Why do you keep blogging?) and say it out loud or write it down.

What makes you different? What are you passionate about? What fulfills you? What do you have that you can share with others?

Here's how we would answer those questions:

  • a strong marriage
  • a working budget
  • a willingness to be vulnerable
  • solid faith in God
  • lessons in parenting

(I love to write, but I don't always love creating an image to pair with a post. So sometimes I don't include a photo. I hope you don't mind.)

Ultimately, we blog because we want to document our lives, and we want to help people. We find joy in that. The people we have met through blogging--people who care about the same things we care about--has been a huge, unexpected benefit.

We've been blogging for a couple years now, and there is no way we could keep up with our posting schedule of five days a week if we didn't enjoy what we were doing. It wouldn't be worth all the time it takes! Thank you SO MUCH for reading!

Why do you blog? What makes your blog different?