Blog Tip #4: Show Me Your Life (in Photos)

blogtip4 The Internet gives people access to things that otherwise they wouldn't be able to see on a daily basis. That is, your city, your living room, your adorable baby, your baby bump, your house, your favorite park, where you buy toilet paper, your thoughts...your life! Give us the inside scoop!

What do you get to see every day that others don't have access to?

We're hoping to get better at showing you more of our lives. We have a nice camera, but not an efficient system to get photos off the camera and edited and where do we save all these huge files? But we're working on it, I promise!

Sometimes I feel we're at a huge disadvantage because we don't live in New York City, and you might feel the same. It's easy to think that others have it easier or better than you do. We live in Des Moines, which is pretty great overall (actually it's the #1 place to raise a family!), but we're in a suburb and the Brooklyn Bridge is not down the street. We don't travel or even leave the house much right now, which sometimes makes me feel like a lousy blogger (so instead of show you cool things I just spill personal information like our budget!).

But then I try to think about what I do have and love: a beautiful home, a baby, a handsome husband, a strong sense of personal style. That's what we've got, so that's what we'll vow to show you. Thanks, always, for reading!

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