Baby Fever

Seriously. Why do I want another baby so darn bad? I think about it every day. More than once. Kind of, constantly.

Eric doesn't even want to talk about it.

Someone! Talk us in or talk us out.


P.S. Yes, I'd like to skip the first two terribly hard months, but I'm really loving this 3-4 month stage. Is this normal? Not normal? Will it go away???

I just can't get enough of Rooney!


I'd be remiss to not mention:

  1. She has been a fairly easy baby. She sleeps and eats very well. And she has only had one minor cold -- no other sicknesses.
  2. I've always felt that I have a lot of love to give.
  3. My dream of having a big family is coming back!

Maybe I just need to spend more time with the baby I have??? Bah!