A Great Financial Resource

Have you heard of Christian Personal Finance? It's a website run by Bob Lotich. We had the pleasure of meeting Bob when we were in Texas earlier this year, and he is a stand-up guy.

Adam, Bob, EricAdam, Bob and I in Texas this Spring

His website is all about helping people with their finances from a Biblical perspective, and we think that is awesome. He is also a fan of Dave Ramsey and has endless resources available on his website to help with almost any area of your financial life. Check it out.

One of Bob's cool ideas is that he wants to give away millions of dollars! I'm not going to spoil his strategy, so you will just have to check it out for yourself.

I should also note that he is giving away an iPad on his site right now, which is the main reason for this post (10 entries), but I still would have wrote about him if he asked because his site offers valuable financial advise. So, check it out, and enter his giveaway, too!

Happy Saturday!