A Fun Way to Decide What's for Dinner

Have you ever had trouble making such a simple decision as what to order for supper? We struggle with this pretty much on a weekly basis. When our food budget allows for us to splurge and order in, it often takes us a good amount of time to decide what we will order.

What's for dinner

The possibilities are pretty much endless, yet it seems that we get lost in the sea of the options. When one of us does happen to have a craving, the other usually does, too - and it's rarely the same place.


Last week we were in such a predicament in which both of us had a couple options we were campaigning for, and when the debate came to standoff, I suggested a fun way to make the decision.

We put the four options on the table (figuratively), and Kelsey went first, eliminating one that she didn't want. (Sometimes it's easier to say what you don't want than what you do, isn't it?)

The Options

The Decision by Elimination

  • Kelsey: Subway
  • Me: Jimmy John's
  • Kelsey: Jethro's BBQ

Dominos it is! While Kelsey got one more pick than me, the game worked out. I got wings and she got pizza. And neither of us had to make the final decision. It just happened by playing a fun little game. And sometimes after a long Monday at work, it's the perfect way to wind down.

How do you make decisions when you really don't want to? 

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