18 Things I Learned This Weekend: Jan. 13-15, 2012

1. Cleaning out your basement is hard work. But it feels amazing when you're done! I never thought I could have so much peace about our basement.

2. My husband almost donated me to Goodwill.

3. I can eat a full meal at Wendy's for $1.98.

4. My hair looks like Pebbles' when I wake up.

5. I love this guy with all my heart. (And he is so fashionable!)

6. This will be our next camera.

7. Laundry never ends. At least it smells good.

8. I can make a meal plan!

9. We're not good at sticking to meal plans.

10. A grocery store checker can brighten my entire day. (Thanks, Kip!)

12. I don't understand CSS.

13. Surprise visits from friends are awesome. And yellow food is yummy.

14. There is such a thing as bread flour.

15. Don't put lotion on and then try to use the hand mixer.

16. Homemade pizza is pretty darn delicious.

17. You can iron without water in the iron. (I had no idea!)

18. We have a passion for mentoring couples on finances.

What did you learn this weekend? Also, what are your ironing tips and tricks?